100 word story: Sir Henry

This week I was lucky enough to attend Kev Anderson’s, The Story Edge workshop to help me write flash fiction. I am a big fan of his 100 word stories and he is currently on day 91 of his own efforts. I am sharing my first attempt at a 100 word story and hope to share more as I get more confident and find more ideas for great plot twists.



Sir Henry 

She gazed out as the train pulled into the platform. Henry was not there.

Gaynor had dared to believe her harsh words would not be the last she spoke to him.

Despondently, she adjusted her hat, pulled on her gloves and stepped from the train carriage.

A gentleman in a fine cloak approached her and bowed.

“Miss Haresham, Sir Henry sends his apologies. He is sorry he could not meet the train but he hopes you can make use of his carriage.”

She nodded and the gentleman presented her with an envelope. The script was unmistakable. It was from Henry.


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