A swimming pool does not make a spa: managing expectations before booking a spa day 

Since the times of Roman Baths, humans have gathered in locations dedicated to the healing powers of water. As a person born under a water sign, or as a complete coincidence, I enjoy spending time in or near water. It is where I find it easiest to relax. My fondness of baths is a bit of a joke with some friends. My preference for luxury bath products is an indulgence kindly supported by friends and family. However, every now and then, as a special treat, I like to leave the comfort of my bathtub and enjoy a day at a spa.

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“It might be too much” and other lies we tell ourselves

My friend Laura is the master (mistress?) of calling us out on the lies we tell ourselves and the unnecessary rules we create that stop us reaching our goals and feeling great. We sabotage ourselves because we fear what will happen if we really do live our dreams. We back ourselves into the corner of the safe zones that stop us doing what we want to do. We believe our own stories – tales where people might laugh at us, we might look stupid, we could fail? Some of these are as likely as encountering a tiger at the bus stop, others might just happen. So we live our lives being 75% of who we are, with 25% tucked up safe at home never to see the light of day.

What do clothes mean to you?

Now this is quite a philosophical start to a post about fashion. If you believe that clothes exist to keep you warm or cool, dry, safe or covered to a degree that society finds acceptable then this post isn’t going to appeal to you. But if clothes mean more to you – appearing professional at work, getting dressed up to attend a wedding, packing different clothes for a holiday than you would wear at home, buying a new outfit for a night out, dry-cleaning suits, appreciating how a garment fits and creates a silhouette for your body then you might just be interested in shaking things up a bit.

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