I live and work in Dundee. Scotland.

I am married to Ross and together we enjoy dry humour, eating well and making up stories about what we will do in the future.

I am a proud lefty, bleeding-heart, hand-wringing liberal who thinks that everyone is equally entitled to kindness. Even when it’s very challenging. Actually, especially when it’s really challenging.

This is my personal blog where I write about whatever has inspired me to write. A theme that runs throughout my writing and life is, time. Spending it wisely, with the people that matter, not having enough of it and valuing it. I might write reviews about a great place to spend time, what I did with my time that weekend and what I am saying no to because it’s a waste of our time.

In a better world we would read more, write more and worry about the small things less. It’s what I aspire to. It’s also a far better use of my time.




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