A new shiny notebook


I always loved a new notebook. The potential of all those crisp, white, blank pages. The cover not yet covered in bottom of the handbag gunk. What would those pages contain? Thoughts, dreams, lists, notes from events. I have notebooks from buying my first house, planning our wedding, starting a business and endless lists.

I occasionally use note-taking apps for shared tasks or when on the go and caught without a notebook. Noting a song I like, Christmas gift idea, film I want to see, book I want to read etc. But I see this as perfunctory. It’s not the same as keeping a record with pen and paper. With a notebook you take time to expand.

The start of my new personal blog feels the same way. Full of potential and tempting me to get started straight away. In the same way, I use social media for quick notes. Commenting on a friend’s post. Checking in to a fun place when out with friends. Joining in with some TV hashtagging. It’s a great way to get involved and start a conversation. But with a blog, I get to organise my thoughts, expand and share what I am thinking, observing and feeling. It’s a really great way to help you understand what you are all about and connect with other people who are all about the same things.

I hope you will join me on the journey ahead. I want to share the great places I find, people I meet and things I care about in life. A record of appreciation. There is so much in life to be grateful for – like a new notebook and a fresh new start.

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