Starting new habits: The icky bit of any health programme

I’m now four weeks into my new regime with Better:Gen. The shiny optimistic stage has passed and we are now into the icky part. The part where good habits are made, we are tested to our limits of willpower and resilience is key.

The long-term goal is to be healthier – fitter and with loads more energy. I am seeing signs that I’m making progress. A bit less lethargic in the evenings, fewer naps at the weekends and a few more chores being done are all good indicators that I’m on the up.

In the gym itself, I am lifting heavier weights, my stamina is better and with practice, my positioning and posture are getting me into the correct positions for an optimum workout. I am much better at strength-training than cardio so Lynn’s programme works well for me. I am tested and do some cardio work without that horrible burning feeling you get at the back of your throat when rasping for breath.

The kind of things I do vary hugely. No workout is the same with Lynn. I push boxes with weights on them, flip tyres, do boxing, throw medicine balls around, squat with and without weights, do ab crunches, shoulder presses, rowing and lots more. At the start of the session it seems daunting and unachievable but with Lynn’s support and a good deal of laughing we get through it and I always leave on a high.

On a Friday I get up with Leo, play, go to Baby Sensory together, feed him lunch quickly and take him to nursery all before 12.40. I try and grab a snack and then head to the gym for 1.15. I am usually a bit frazzled by the time I get there and to be honest, I am just glad to be doing one thing in one place for a while. I wonder how I’ll find the energy, but I always do. That bit is all down to Lynn. Without her, I would be doubtless heading to a café for a coffee, like I did last week when she was sick. She knows what my goals are, she knows why it’s important and she knows how to get the best out of me.

In terms of numbers, I have lost around six pounds and lost three inches from my body. I thought with the changes I had made that it might have been more by now. The numbers are just short-term indicators to a long-term goal so I’m not too concerned – I think my metabolism and hormones are just confused right now. I don’t mind slow and steady weight-loss, it is more sustainable. It will just take me a bit longer to get to where I want to be.

In terms of the next few weeks, I am staying committed and trying to squeeze a third session in each week. I have a bit of added pressure though. I need to buy formalwear for a business awards ceremony. Something I have not done in about seven years! While I know I am doing all the right things, I am still not feeling formalwear-confident yet. It’s going to be a challenge to find something I feel good in. I am going to focus less on the dress and more on some pampering. Looking after myself and investing in hair and beauty treatments makes a huge difference to my esteem and I think that will be key. Tips on that front are very welcome! I am very excited to be going and The Circle team has worked hard to be nominated. I think we have a great chance of winning and want to be ready for celebrations. That’s worth staying on course for.

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