Ten months in with a preemie… the landscape changes but the journey continues

Ten months in… A while since I wrote my last blog. What does prematurity look like ten months on?

When we first brought Leo home. He was like any newborn – just smaller. He fed, he cried, he slept, he pooped, he thrived on cuddles. In a matter of weeks that would change as he underwent neurosurgery but soon we were back on the ‘normal’ newborn train. Eat, sleep, poop, cuddle and repeat.

In the last ten months Leo has grown, he sleeps all night, he makes adorable sounds, he kicks and wriggles, he enjoys porridge and purees and he puts things in his mouth. He is alert, aware and one of the cheeriest souls you will meet.

At ten months I see the distance with Leo and other babies widening. I know, I know. Don’t compare. All babies are different. They all do what they want and when they want. Leo doesn’t sit or roll… yet! But boy are we working hard. We’re filling 3-6 months vests now so we are on our way.

I watch the babies we started Baby Sensory with sit, stand and crawl and I marvel at their journeys. Leo’s journey is going at a different pace. The first few weeks were a whoosh, then the next couple of months were more like a meander. Now I feel we are trundling. Going along, having fun, taking a few detours, sometimes stopping and enjoying the moment. Not only are we on a different track – we are on a different map!  I smile, I swallow and I don’t worry. I brim with gratitude for being hand-in-hand for the journey at all.

Next up we have more journeys. We will visit London. I will return to work. Leo will have his own independent life without mummy for a few days per week. We will reunite in the evenings and share our adventures. We will fulfil our potentials. I will help Leo meet his and he will help me find mine in our new world.


2 thoughts on “Ten months in with a preemie… the landscape changes but the journey continues

  1. What a sweet little guy! I think you have a very positive, upbeat way of looking at things and it sounds like Leo’s doing amazing! Keep up the great work!

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