Would you rather… Speak in public or publish writing? Content writing for business owners

Mice, rats, spiders, enclosed spaces and clowns are all things that people fear LESS than public speaking. I’d take my chances with a 60-second pitch at a networking meeting over being locked in a cupboard with a clown and I’ve been to some strange meetings… Public speaking is a common fear encountered in the workplace – people can feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable. Thankfully, organisations are increasingly supportive and provide training and support for their teams. As a well-understood fear, colleagues are generally sympathetic to glossophobia.

What I have begun to observe amongst my peers is a growing incidence of scriptophobia, the fear of writing in public. As a social anxiety, this fear is rooted in worries about being wrong, looking silly or being negatively evaluated. While most people may not describe themselves as having a writing phobia, many will admit not enjoying it. Presenting information coherently in writing is a skill that often we do not need to practice once we have left school. Especially now that communication is often in text messages, email or social media. Long-form content, such as letters or reports, are rarer. Nevertheless, there are times when public writing is necessary, and it can cause stress and worry.

If you run a business, you will need to put your thoughts into writing. Tenders, case studies, award nominations, website copy, blogs, marketing materials and press releases are all forms of content that can help you grow your audience and increase sales. If you are running a small business you are likely to be trading services or products based on your skills, and these probably don’t involve writing.

As you grow a business, you are increasingly required to learn new skills and pick things up quickly before you are able to outsource jobs or hire a team. You will enjoy some. But you will dread others and they will take up too much time and energy. I think business owners are well-placed to write content for their business. They understand the subject area and are passionate about their industry. They can educate their customers and establish their authority in competitive marketplaces. However, not everyone will want to do it.

As someone who enjoys writing and has effectively done it for 12 years for Higher Education institutions, small businesses and social enterprises, I want to offer my skills as a service to small businesses. Writing is a hobby of mine and I love new subjects to explore. I have a young son who is in bed by 7pm and I am left with a few hours in the evening to fill productively. Now is the time to offer a writing service.

My menu of services includes writing web copy, blogs, printed materials, press releases and award nominations. I am looking to collaborate with small business owners, or website designers working on their behalf, to provide quality content that engages, informs and converts.

You can contact me at nicola@nicoladonnelly.com for more information.



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